Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Awards Dinner

Both Sam and Simon had mentioned that the Awards dinner was probably one of the best around. They didn’t get it wrong. Beer was flowing (note the table sagging under the weight of Singah beer bottles), food was a plenty – Bee and Carmen were in Heaven and you could get to rub shoulders with the pro’s – I was happy!
Me and my NBF Winner of Womens Elite, Belinda Granger. She started the year winning IM Langkawi and ended it winning her 1st LPT. At 38 years of there some hope for me yet ;)
On collecting my trophy, a beautiful elephant mounted on a plaque, the voice of IM himself Mr Whit Raymond once again informed everyone of my first triathlon experience.(Hey I didn't say anything!) In the the beginning of this year I really did not think much of doing Langkawi as a first tri but it seems it is a big thing in some people eyes and has probably been one of the factors that has got me noticed and gained some sponsorship support along the way. I can now as the year finely rolls to an end say I am very proud of what I have achieved this year. I may not always show it and sometimes I think I probably don’t enjoy these moments like I should. But even though the year is ending I am still only half way through my ultimate journey, if the second leg is anything like the first I know I am going to have a blast and hopefully God willing, strong body and mind intact, keep surprising you all!
To sum up, waaaay too much food and drink - I have put weight on, not lost it! But it is a small price to pay for a weekend in the company of great friends, beautiful accommodation (thank you & thank you, once again Randy & Ivie). I loved it, a fantastic experience. Will I come back next year? I plan to, but these days I really am not sure where I will be and what I will be doing so we shall just wait and see…

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David said...

Congratulations to all of team tri-hard for your results, especially my sis XXXX.
Did someone glue a bottle of beer to your hand or were you a fish out a water? As you have one in every pic! Mother be proud!
Wish I had been there with you all as its so chuffing cold here, rode to work in -4C and the computer stopped working even with new batteries!