Friday, December 12, 2008

TTH Christmas Dinner

Pictures (unsensored) on the way and once again courtesy of our official Team pic taker Ivie but for the moment here are 2 from my phone a little hazy but rather interesting!!!!
A few weeks ago an email went out asking who would be interested in attending our 1st TTH Christmas dinner/party. Well the evening finally rolled round last night. A little early in the month, but we wanted to ensure those that wanted to attend could before office parties and overseas trips took precedence. Held at Jarrod & Rawlins in Bukit Damansara we were treated to a 3-course sit down traditional turkey (vege for some) dinner with free flow until it was no more and some people (no names mentioned) felt it appropriate to ‘swipe’ the dregs and left over bottles from another parties table. Well I never, what a cheek eh!!!!!!
Anyway, I shall not prattle on today, my head is still sore, my tummy very large and my internet connection has been cut-off so I better go out and pay the bill OR go have a cup of coffee in Starbucks and hook up for free so I can post this – that sounds more like it.
It was a fabulous night, plenty of laughter and the perfect way to wind down after Phuket before we start cranking it up again next week for the final phase of IM training.

Thanks to everyone for coming I hope you all had fun.
A BIG thank you to yummy mummy-to-be Julie for arranging, booking and liaising with Kumar at J&R’s and thanks Sam for paying – I am still holding the cash and have not yet skipped town!
Cheers Everyone and Merry Christmas!!
Here are a few snaps of the evening, I leave you to draw your own conclusions. The rest can be viewed on Ivie's site.

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