Friday, December 26, 2008

Malakoff Results

And so the results are out, or are they?
Gadget girl Bee was 2nd not 3rd as previously awarded. And Carmen 3rd not 4th. And Li-sar 4th not 5th. - There you go.
What about Emma?
Well I guess the joke is on me. I started at the back Lepak style, it was training, but also aware that the chip would give me my time so did not worry starting from behind. My time on my watch which I started on the mat and stopped on the mat, was 55min. Hmmmn 4th place was 55min 54sec. Me thinks I was duped out of some vouchers! Oh well ya live and learn.
My number in case you are reading this QUICK RELEASE - 3234 - WOMENS OPEN!


Anonymous said...

wah..can check with Melody...or pacesetters !


Anonymous said...

No sorry dude, you want to b in the prizes then it is ALWAYS based on the first over the line - the timing chips are for the rest of the runners and to help the organisers record the results of large fields.

Let's face up to reality, Bee, Carmen and Lisa beat you - is this the beginning of the end? Just kidding but credit where credit is due, they were on fire and Bee was rocket propelled!