Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Phuket Diaries

(Pictures courtesy of Ivie - they are on the way lahhhh)
I have decided to write the events of the race and the “holiday” in a diary of sorts. So bear with me. The race report will come but not before a brief summary of the events of Friday and Saturday.
Friday 5th December
I drove to the airport, much less hassle and actually cheaper. Picked Gadget girl up, sieved through a nasty Friday morning jam and got to the airport around the same time as Randy and Ivie. On checking in I was extremely pissed to learn that a BIKE is NOT sports equipment. Golf clubs however are!! I have paid the sports equipment surcharge on my bike twice this year; once for Langkawi and once in Miri. Now they have changed their ruling? WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU THINKING MR FERNANDEZ!!!!! This is simply not right and not fair. I had to pay RM85 excess, and gadget girl RM70. Sam and Randy got away Scot free as their luggage totals were bundled together with Carmen and Ivie respectively that meant they did not go over. ONCE AGAIN, NOT BLEEPING FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, now that is out of my system, on with the show...
After the checking in debacle everything else went plain sailing. On arrival in Phuket our designated driver was already there with mini bus and truck in tow to carry the bikes. Randy & Ivie had everything planned to perfection. This was probably the best kind of race prep I could have asked for. Nerves were creeping in but I was trying my best to keep them at bay for my benefit and the sake of my house-mates! An impromptu BBQ was held on Friday evening. Straight after dropping George off with Daniel at the TBB tent for a maintenance check we drove over TESCO’s for supplies and a spot of lunch. Once back at the house and once Sam, Carmen, Bee and I had bagged our rooms and taken in the gorgeous surroundings I set to work making a marinade and preparing the food for the evening with Carmen and Ivie. Known for my colorful language, Hell’s Kitchen is a scenario that came to mind! Sergeant Sam and Bee set up the bikes while Randy went over to the Laguna to pick up the Cross clan and bring them back for an evening of relaxation and indulgence.
Earning my keep doing the cooking

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