Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ironguides Journal WK-11

The second half of training is now in full swing with the amended get ready for IM plan. Is it doable? I recall saying that the first one appeared very doable and it was. And although once I finished counting the hours with the use of my fingers and toes and registering the intensities and volumes, I came to the conclusion that it is doable. You CAN do anything if you set your mind to it, it’s just going to be rather, very, extremely ermm, I don’t want to use the word unpleasant so let’s just say, HARD.
Well I have survived the first week but then again I won’t be in full swing until week 3 (13). Some of the sessions are already full on and some are gently easing me into it. These sessions are the ones that already hurt and one can only presume that pain and I are going to become very close confidents in the next few weeks.
My legs are still hurting from last week. Muscle pain all week; I have never experienced this before. Ask me if I am in pain and I would respond by saying YES, everything. When I go for my first sports massage next week they going to be in for a shock as my guess is they won’t know where to start first! Until then I am dousing myself in Sloan’s analgesic rub. I have tried probably everything going and this one is non-greasy and really, I mean really, heats up your muscles and relieve’s the pain a tad.

Maybe I should try this to take some relief off my legs?

Swim: It seems the first 10weeks prepared me well. Building up my strength in the pool using the paddles and pullgear, now rather than 70% I am using them for 20%. That means I have to work harder! Damn, I was really starting to like those paddles! Also now that I am quite almost nearly kind of enjoying the swim I have lost a day! Down to 4swims a week only, that means two things: The swims are harder longer and tougher and that AWOL swim set has been replaced with something else – GEORGE!
Bike: I like the bike, I love the bike, I am at one with George (well I am trying to become at one), and with 4 bike sessions scheduled each week I can honestly say that there is one part of my anatomy that is definitely going to become at one with Ol’ George! Ouch.
Run: The runs are the same number, just longer. This was to be expected. I am still not counting the K’s I would not dare although there have been times when tempted. The only numbers I concern myself with is how long is this session and what was my IM goal again?
I guess my hours per week have increased by 20%, Sadistic Santana (aka Coach Vinnie) has forewarned me that “new feelings” good and bad are going to be visiting me, all too soon most probably. This hasn’t got me unduly worried as I went through some pretty low low’s over the past couple of months and survived. But it does have me thinking...could I feel any worse than I was (guys be warned you better hide all the sharp objects when I visit)!
I guess that’s it for this week. I did the Malakoff 12k run this morning sandwiched between a 30min run before and 30min jog after. It really bloody hurt, but I started at the back, gave it as much as I could and enjoyed myself. Yes, you heard me right. I had FUN!
With Christmas next week I am trying to figure out how I can do my training while remaining sociable. Luckily on Christmas day I have likeminded friends who want to train before indulging in a homemade Turkey dinner, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
Cheers Coach Vinnie, the final countdown has now started...let me stay strong and help me stay sane!

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