Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Rare Shot

Thank you Abu for forwarding the pictures of Malakoff. I have been trying to get hold of a photo of the two winners - Bee and Carmen who had an awesome race but as Tey mentioned the new site is a wee bit slow and my connection is even slower of late!
I treated the 'race' purely as training, I could not have approached it any other way as I simply have very empty legs.
But I had fun, Hi-Fiving all my buddies and I was also given my favourite food on route (chocolate) from Santa (John in a hat and shades) very cool and thank you! I smiled throughout the race even though inside was a grimace. A very pleasant change to the normal Sunday routine (a warm up run with Carmen and Randy before the race and with Bee afterwards) and apart from the complete (excuse the French) cock-up with timing chips where people who placed were not registered it was an extremely well turned out event. Apparently Bee was 2nd but given 3rd and Carmen 3rd but given 4th. Li-sar also came 5th - great job! We shall have to wait and see what the crappy buttons for timing chips reveal once the official results come out - so don't go spending your vouchers all at once!
ANYWAY, it was fun, Denis mentioned that he doesn't think he has seen me smile in a race before! This is proof that I do, I can but only once a year :)


David said...

I reckon your only smiling as you've let one go and know the group behind has to run through it!

Stupid_O said...

eh? no christmas day ride special? i remember sam and carmen going to PD last year on christmas day :-)

Anonymous said...

Check my invitation,I create 2nd site already,think my first site already FULL.Invite u already,pls accept,then u can view nearly 3k pics..haha...just completed uploaded yesterday.

Try online early morning,only early morning line is better,cause nowday TELEKOM hv problem in europe connection,but they said new year will back to normal.


Emma said...

David Bishop! What a thing to say about your lil' Sis. Well I never, as if I would do such a thing AND laugh about it! I am speechless! You have obviously forgotton what a 'proper' young lady I am really am ;)