Friday, August 14, 2009

Bike Panic

I am rather excited. Looking forward to the 70.3 next Sunday, I can't wait to race and also it will be the end of the first part of the season so I can cool things down a little and chill - so 2 reasons to be excited :) Since Putrajaya came crashing down, (well lets face it, it actually never got off the ground), Cobra has been my target. Racing in Malaysia is cool because it is 'home'. You get to be with all your friends when traveling and it is just one big party but usually without the beer :(
But traveling overseas to race...that's what I train for. To race against other girls I don't get to compete against. So you have a feeling of the unknown which is a bit scary and gets the nerves going. But it is a longish day and anything can happen - right?
So every couple of days or so I log onto the Philippines official site (I am excited - can you tell??). They have been extremely helpful with arranging my accommodation etc. So there I was scrolling down the site yesterday afternoon and there I saw it - "NO BIKES ON CEBU AIRLINES" from Manila to Naga. HELP!!!
Now I was warned a long time ago by doc, that when I with your bike - else I may be running the 90k. Thing is I could not get a flight with Philippines air - fully booked. So I am travelling from KL - Manila - Naga with Cebu Air. No problem from KL to Manila (I hope) but since the flight from Manila to Naga is a twin prop, George cannot come on :(
What to do?? Send him on a flight I wasn't going on?? I can't do that to George - he is too young to travel alone - anything could happen! So I threw out a bunch of SOS emails to every contact in Philippines and elsewhere who I know is going to CamSurs.
People are so nice and helpful. I now have options and I know George will be safe. He will be travelling by road but will be taken care of. I hope we will be able to get together on Thursday and go have a little wee ride on the bike course...can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

the way you fuss over george ......
wish i could find a woman to fuss over me like that ....... what, i also got nice wheels you know