Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friday 22nd

Okay I know this is ALL very late. But I shall be brief and backtrack quickly through last week up to race day and the party. Thursday morning I hopped in a taxi over to CWC for my morning ride with Gina Kehr. What a nice lady. We had a good old chin wag for about 90minutes whilst not quite carving up the road but it was a nice pace and she didn't kill me too much.
Back at CWC we then went for breakfast where I started the first of my 'winging' my way through red tape!!! What do you mean you may ask??
Well I was paid up for breakfast at the Regent in town NOT CWC. But the brekkie in CWC was soooo much nicer and I was REALLY hungry and Gina asked me to join so whats a girl to do I ask. Answer: Sign your friends name and cabin on the log book - that's WHAT!
Had a short run and a swim and then it was the carbo evening where I continued to 'wing' my way through red tape onto the VIP table. Yes I am an AG impostor. But a likable one. And my new friends made me very welcome - thank you girls :)
Carbo loading - what can I say? This is where the spectacle began. A cultural dance show that had a cute guy dangling by a rope from the ceiling spinning around the air on stage like peter pan - it was amazing. The food was awesome, the company inspiring - the whole evening a great success - nothing more to say!
Here are some piccies:

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plee said...

nice pics! Rope-guy costume reminds me of He-Man!