Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Long Weekend

I was unsure of whether I should slow down this weekend, what with the race next Sunday. So I asked the powers that be and was given permission to go as hard as my heart and legs will allow. "The race is one week out, Stop worrying!"
So my ride to Salak yesterday was pretty solid and lactic. I find these days even a normal ride is pretty quick. My problem of late has been staying mentally tough each Saturday. I WILL NOT DRAFT, and I WILL NOT REST during the ride (read: no free wheeling, and aero 90% of the time). It is very hard to focus and concentrate on giving EVERYTHING you have to give week in week out and I am really looking forward to sitting up and spinning during the social ride at the end of the month.
Yesterdays afternoon session of swim and run was awesome. The weather helped and I blasted my session. High on the endorphins I felt really good.
Early to bed I woke up around 11pm hungry again. Ate a bar and back to sleep.
Woke up again wide awake at 4:30am!! Oh well may as well get up..put the coffee on...with an extra large spoon of condensed SUSU :)
Mentally I wanted to run hard, physically not sure if the legs would agree. Well wouldn't you know it I felt great - its the Avia BOLTS I tell you! Awesome out lap...sorry fellow buddies for being antisocial.
Two hours in the bag for the final time (at the moment) and I believe I could have punched out a marathon this morning...yes I was feeling that good!
Massage in a bit...get some of that lactic out then it all starts again tomorrow with a HARD swim.
Here's hoping my good feeling holds out until next Sunday!
Just a quick note: Welcome back JULIE. Her first Sunday 20k run this morning since giving birth to cheeky Charlie earlier this year and she was AWESOME. Looking forward to running with you again very soon. x


plee said...

Good Luck and Good Hunting! Race Strong Emma!
Awesome training in the bag! Go get the Cobra!!!

Emma said...

thank you Paul...not sure what "good hunting" implies? But I can hazzard a guess ;)