Monday, August 10, 2009

Floating Babies

So It's Monday morning...I am sleepy but in a pretty good mood. Cleared a pile of paperwork from job#1 and all is quiet. Good for me but not business - opps!
ANYWAY. Swimming. My most favourite thing in the world. Well it wasn't, but slowly, gently gently catch a monkey I am learning to enjoy (note I have not used the word LOVE, yet) this discipline.
It all started last week. Okay so it has taken a long time to get to this stage but perseverance right? And if there is anything I am good at it is perseverance.
After Desaru I was prescribed 3 days of solid good swimming and to ENJOY it! "That's the best advice I can give you" he says.
So after the Monday swim I report back...swim done...loved it!! (okay a little lie) but I did enjoy. Question though I said. When I use the pull buoy I feel I am swimming on top of the water, I feel faster and gliding and all the things you are supposed to feel. Thing is you know I don't float well, so while the upper body is strong enough the lower bit still drags. Is it okay to use the pull buoy every time I swim or will this be counterproductive??
Paddles, pull buoy, bands use the lot if it is what helps and makes you feel good. So that's what I have done all last week and will continue to do so. Now before you start jumping on my case about how that may be cheating or you will not learn to float, think about this...
You put a baby in the pool with a floatie and they learn to swim. Then one day you put the baby in the pool and they just start swimming without the aids...the baby isn't thinking about what he/she is supposed to be doing I am sure of that! The body is just remembering what it needs to do to be efficient and stay afloat and swim!
Once I had finished my sets of 500's tethered at the ankles, pull buoyed up and paddled I discarded the 'aid' and swam down. The result? My body remembered exactly what it was doing when using all the aids. I was on top of the water and just glided. It may not be mighty quick yet but the fact you can "feel" the body in the correct position for me is HUGE. So you just need to keep teaching it until it doesn't need to be reminded anymore.
Well, that's my theory anyway and I am sticking with it!!


Anonymous said...

Its balance.
Push the chest down a bit, swim downhill.

My 2p

Stupe said...

things are fine at distance less than 1km for me...then it is just a struggle to keep up. Not enough mileage. got to swim more. got to learn to "love" it.