Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sat 23rd

An early morning ride, this time with Melvin of TBB Subic was scheduled. Again I had to get a taxi as the first shuttle left at 8.30am - way too late. I was staying the night in CWC to save on the stress of traveling the next morning for the race start so I left with an over - over night bag. Read: enough stuff for race day AND the day after!! Ya never know. Luckily plenty of places to bunk and my bike sitter was doing such a good job I thought I was in pretty safe hands.So out for a ride with Melvin I turned at 25minutes and he continued with one of his young charges. We had a quick Kodak moment and Melvin asked me if that was an easy ride. We were going pretty fast at times but the legs were not hurting so I said yup that was pretty easy. But you were doing 35kph he said. I know, I said cool eh...don't tell doc please!! Melvin is the Philippine tri coach and works with Brett when the team is in Subic - he is also a spy!!!
Got back and was going to run until I saw another note from my roommate saying "gone for brekkie" (9am). Well it was only 9.10am. I was hungry (whats new?) So off I went in search of another yummy breakfast. Don't ask me how I did it. But I walked into the air-con tent and had me some eggs and toast with a bunch of the Polo tri -team...very cool.
The rest of the day I tried to stay calm. I swam the big lake course in the speed suit with Jerry later in the day, tried to nap - couldn't. Tried to relax - couldn't really. Tried not to piss off my new roommate - couldn't even do that.
In the end later in the evening I logged onto YouTube and watched some classic Only Fools and Horses. Laughter really is the best medicine.
Lights out...Sunday was going to be a long tough day!

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