Friday, August 21, 2009

Tales of Cobra 70.3 - Thursday 20th

Okay so my hotel room is not much to look at. No windows. But it is cheap and it’s just a place to lay my head. CWS is a shuttle ride away so I went over first thing this morning to sort George out. Melvin and Jerry had left him at registration. So there I am starting to work up a sweat when some of the volunteers come over and start chatting. Did I mention how VERY nice the Philippino people are; hospitality second to none. Anyway Sonny helped my loosely put George together then I took him to the mechanics for a check over.
Once that was done I bumped into a friend and the day followed with a scorching run (not fast, but damn hot), than a swim and generally hanging out. By the time the afternoon rolled by I suddenly had a REAL NEED to ride. And so popped off on my own...on the way making plans to ride the next morning proper with 5-time top 10 IM World Champion finisher Gina Kehr. Damn the road is fast...totally went the wrong way...but what’s new it’s me! And the road is a bit/ a lot dodgy in places but they are still laying down tarmac areas and I really cannot find anything to complain about.
Oh and did I mention I played nursemaid to Terenzo Bozzone. Seems he had a little accident and was fiddling putting on a waterproof plaster on...when my services were requested – okay so it was me or another guy to play nursemaid!!!
A cool day which was rounded off by heading back to Naga city early to soak up some of the mayhem. Roam the street markets; find some food before crashing into bed. Didn’t sleep great. I had left my phone AKA my alarm clock in CWS at a buddy’s cabin who is bike-sitting George to save me hauling him over on the bus every day. SO while I didn’t get a rousing alarm call...the buddy did! Trouble is if you don’t switch it off it keeps repeating and I knew the phone had fallen in amidst the junk in the bike box so he would have to eventually dig it out to switch it off.
I half expected to find it this morning smashed into a million little pieces. It wasn’t. Thank YOU.

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Disco said...

Interesting & Amusing but where's the real report the race was two days ago? Are you taking a holiday or something? The nerve of it!!!