Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bloody Tasty

Haven't blogged much this excuse? I have been working. Hard. Okay this is quite interesting...
I have always been a bit of a babe magnet for mosquito's (I always get the short end of the straw). Anyway when I lived in the UK horseflies (similar to mozzies aka mosquito's) would attack me with avengence and leave my body with huge itchy welts. Things haven't changed much since living in Malaysia. I remember one time in the early days I woke up one morning to count 30 bites on my body! I was definitely asleep when this happened as the bastards even got me on the eyelids!!
Anyway what do we know about Mozzies? You can get dengue fever - 4strains in total. Check that. Had it and ran/walked the Singapore half marathon with the fever (that's another story). I call them bastards...that's wrong cos the males don't bite. It's the females that do all the biting (yes no jokes please). They bite because they need human blood to fertilise their eggs -YUM.
What else do we know? They are attracted to smell which is why children and women are more prone to being bitten. Men it seems are dirty and don't wash so are not an attractive place to they have more hair coverage - unless you are a cyclist!
Anyway for me personally the reason I am such a mozzie magnet is I do the following on a regular basis (again no jokes please - lets keep this clean!!)
Constant movement and heat, the smell produced when panting from exertion and the smell of lactic acid from your sweat glands (yes apparently there is a smell and they can smell from up to 50metres!)


yipwt said...

Another reason NOT to shave your legs...btw get those electric fly swatters (looks like tennis rackets), and you'll have your vengeance.

I think I kill 20 per day just electrocuting them.

Emmafan said...

a trip to your local hardware store ACE would have the things you need. Ultrasonic pest repeller. Just plug it in and you have the entire room mosquito free. Costs about RM30. You can buy it on ebay too.

David said...

Hey sis, nic suffers from the mozzie's as well but she takes a vitamin b1 suppliment which mozzie's hate. On the trips over to you she has never had a bite! If you can't get that try marmite as that has b1 in it x x x

Emma said...

Thankyou for your advice...I think I like Yips idea best...zap the bastards :)
BTW: that your name? or do I have me my very own FAN?
COOOOOOL....gonna do signed photos next! :D