Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monday 25th

I am going to skip over the awards dinner for the moment. You really need to see some pictures. Actually so do I (to help jog the memory). It was like a rock concert. Think indoor fireworks, silver service, sushi, two live bands and that wasn't just for the VIP table that I had managed to get on :) Anyway they do know how to party over there!!
Next morning I was supposed to fly back off to Manila at lunch time. The idea was a luxurious nights stay at the Dusit and hang out and see some sights. Those plans were promptly put on the back burner when rumors started circulating of a potential trip to one of the tiny islands nearby where most of the Survivor reality TV shows are shot.
So on awaking with an extremely fuzzy head and tongue and not knowing HOW on earth I got to bed I was told by my room mate that he was off to the island by chopper (helicopter people). SHIT is all I could say. I wanna go. Was all else I could say. Still drunk I was as high as a kite and prancing around like a ninny.
Come, come, come he says. So far I had done pretty good on getting by and thru the red tape. Alas it wasn't meant to be. The chopper only takes 3 people plus pilot makes 4. Next time, next year I am told. Awwwwwwwwwww (Emma looking unhappy). But I really want to go!
Ok, let me make a call and see if we can get permission to have the chopper come back and make another trip. (A-ha! A shed of light).
So while waiting in reception with Roman and Adrian (Adrian who I found out kindly returned me to my cabin the night before) the chopper came in and off went Charlotte, Christian and Whit for a day of fun in the sun!
So we waited. And we waited. Not that long really but the hangover was setting in and I was getting fidgety. Adrian was going on a half day tour to the mountains. Roman was up for going with him and they tried to talk me into going too. I want to go on the chopper!! (Think Emma stamping her feet, bottom lip sticking out).
It's not going to happen, says Roman. Roman I said...positive thinking and some belief please :)
I enquired politely and ever so sweetly again. Apparently the powers that be were in the sky and couldn't answer the phone to give permission. We had to wait until he landed.
Go and have breakfast and when we hear something we will come and find you. Hmmmn I thought..trying to get rid of me eh?? But I thought ok..gotta eat so we went over to breakfast.
On entering the buffet tent a troupe of the Philippine Fitness First Tri team were walking out. "Hey Emma"!! "Do you remember us??"
Emma to FF: Nope!!
FF to Emma: You rocked last night!! (Ya see I really need some pictures.)
Anyway back to the chopper story.
Over at the back of the tent I spied Mattie (teamTBB) and his girl Joyette (thanks for the lift to the Dusit BTW). I went over to chat with them. Princess the lady that makes things happen was on their table on the phone. She looked up saw me and smiled and said "Emma, your going" Emma to Princess, "WHAT??"
"Your going to the island!!"
OMG. Now picture Emma jumping up and down like a ninny, running round in circles hugging the life out of Princess. You could say I was rather happy :)
I ran back over to Roman and Adrian and said. "We're going"!! And a similar text ensued. Roman couldn't believe it either and Adrian had to fly off that day so sadly couldn't make it.
So now. I had to throw my ticket and book a new one to fly to Manila the next day morning. I also had to arrange for someone to check out my bags from the Regent where I was staying before I started moving into CWC!! Someone kindly took my key went to my hotel, packed my bags and brought them back to my 'new' hotel. Someone else also booked me a new flight from Naga to Manila for Tuesday morning. And since my credit card was refused I had to pay cash. SO someone else had to go to the airport and buy it for me over the counter. While I idled in paradise. Oh I was also trashing a prepaid nights stay in the Dusit - ouch! BUT boys and girls it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Along comes the chopper, Kodak moments a plenty and 30minutes later we are circulating the island and can see the others idling around on kayaks waving like mad on the pristine ocean.
Now as if it couldn't get any better...
We land on the beach and while waiting for the blades to slow and cool a man appears from nowhere under the shade of a coconut tree (not sure it was a coconut tree but gimme some poetic license here please :)
So he is standing there carrying a tray of drinks!!!!! I tell you, the only thing missing was a frigging tuxedo and I swear I had just stepped into a James Bond movie!
Off the chopper, we are shown to our bungalow to change. (Well I had only bought sunscreen along - wasn't thinking too clearly earlier on).
Sun screened up, Roman and I then walked a few short steps to the waters edge where the others had gathered sitting in the water drinking...wait for it...ICE COLD San Miguel. Can somebody pinch me please!!!
Anyway a perfect day in paradise ensued, hanging out with some new friends, older friends and just a pretty cool bunch of people, I had a blast and it was the most perfect post race recovery:)
Huge, HUGE thank YOU to Princess and the staff at are most definitely the Philippines equivalent to Jim'l FIX IT :)
Now for some pictures, no more words needed...


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Wow looks amazing!!!!!!!

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Beautiful scenery! On my to do list.....