Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Common Sense Prevails

It took some time...but finally after battling my inner race demon my sensible head prevailed. I am wiped out. I just realised today that I am 17weeks into full training since my trip to the Philippines in April. That's 17weeks on a new plan that allows more rest but is more intense (if that makes any sense).
Last week and this week already I am walking around in a fog of fatigue. I do the training at a fairly good effort but then I am bushed.
It's nothing new, I have felt it all before...struggling to walk upstairs cos the legs are so heavy, trying to stay awake while driving, trying to stay awake while even blogging, trying to stay upright!
So while I REALLY want to race it is stupid. Putrajaya postponement is a blessing and the half irons are what all the training is about...so how bad would I feel if I wasn't able to give Desaru a good effort and then the Philippines?
So there ya go. Emma is bailing out of Baling and the more I write the better I am feeling about it. I knew what was the right thing to do...it's just taken me about two hours to wrestle with the racer in me and tell her to save it for another day!

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plee said...

Rest and recover well! You will come blazing back at Desaru and the Cobra 70.3 fresh as daisies..