Thursday, July 9, 2009

TDF education

It is a work in progress. I have taken it upon myself to learn about the tour, whose who, what all them jerseys stand for and am even working up to dabbling with a bet on the book! WHY? Because you all think I am a unsociable tri-geek. Yes, it is probably quite true...but when you work in a sexy bike store with 3 fit boys...I have to work pretty hard to make sure I don't look like a smuck when it comes to all things bike related!! Okay, okay...I am a plank, but I DO try and learn stuff so I can take care of George when the boys are not in yelling distance. So I also want to be able to converse in 'road' talk...even if it is just for this month ;0)
Would I change anything about being the only girl in a predominantly male environment? Absolutely every day of it even if they are LONG ones. For many years I have worked alone..I enjoy it...but nothing trumps working in a team where everyone loves what they do and go out of there way to support one another!
As for the long days...I have a serious attack of the guilt's..meetings all day meant no Wednesday swim. And a late night and 3hours sleep meant when I woke this morning swimming was just not going to happen (I have another job to go too as soon as this is posted).
Now I am thinking...quickly before job #2 today? Or leave it alone...the turbo calls for 135mins of my time tonight and then PD is upon us. Lets just hope the tank is at least half full for race day!

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