Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thanks :)

I woke at 5:30 and moved slightly too quickly for my resting legs and the left calf went into spasm with a nasty cramp. (payback for yesterday I guess).
Cramp in the calf I think is the worst sort as it leaves you hobbling and can really debilitate your performance to the extent you may have to stop. I find the best thing to do is bite down on a stick (to stop screaming out) and just stretch the bloody thing as much as you can. So with that all done I finally got out of bed and got ready.
Tey just sent me these pictures...he really is a wonderful person...always with a camera at the ready he got these snaps unknowingly to me as I was just finishing with my "run-down" (cool down).
Thank you very much Tey. If it wasn't for kind hearted soles like yourself then images of me in races would be very few...but maybe that would be a good thing...YES? NO? :)


Anonymous said...

Aiya..u r welcome.I sapu snap pics..!

Sapu=snap as many as I can !


plee said...


U are simply fantastic! The Patron Saint of Race Photography in Malaysia!
A big YES! Always good to see u in running pics. Reminds me to get off my sofa and hit the road..