Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flipping EcK!

I have had a light week of riding - no mammoth turbos, so as you may imagine I was champing at the bit to ride this morning. The idea was hard and hopefully faster than my time to KLIA downtown 2 weeks ago.
I had some company today in the form of Wong, new guy - Jens and Wong's friend. They dropped me at the toll on the return leg. I was busy stuffing a gel into my mouth and had already shocked myself on my out time so thought just stick to my point chasing I don't want to draft anyway ;)
SO, to sum hurt but I am damn proud of myself. I had a goal in mind of doing this 126k ride in 3hours 30min and thought it is a reasonable target to work towards...maybe in a couple of months.
Last time out I did 3:43. Today I did 3:30 - on the nose!!!
Stoked, elated I still cannot believe I did this. Things are looking good. Now I don't normally do data and stuff but today I am blogging it for all to see :)
You may also like to know that when I got off the bike I was very glad I wasn't running 21k let alone 42!!! still a way to go and I still gotta swim and run in a couple of hours!
Time out: 1:45
Time in: 1:45
90k split: 2:31
126k: 3:30
Avg cadence: 75
Max cadence: 105
Avg speed: 36kph
Avg HR: 152
Calories : LOTS

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