Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weak Week

Astro is off - I did pay my bill!! So anyway thought I would post a few whitterings about my week...its been a rollarcoaster!
I don't do week round-ups anymore, IM training is not upon me and it's always the same ol' same ol'. But this week was tough. I took a battering mentally, physically and verbally - none of which were pleasant.
It started after PD. Thinking I would have 2 or 3 days of 'lighter' stuff as per what I did post Melaka. OH NO...nothing could be further from the truth. Straight back into it on Monday morning, the body was sore and asking me to stay in bed every morning. I didn't listen of course...when the body is weak the mind takes over...when the mind is weak hopefully the body will carry you through.
Come Wednesday morning I was running on empty. The early morning ride and brick run were in the bag but I still had THAT swim to do. I left it until after work and just couldn't seem to raise any heart rate levels or feel pain. What was going on?? I then did something I am not proud of (and while this may sound petty to some) for me it is a BIG deal. I got out after one set battiling the question what good am I doing myself?
This is only the second time in 10months that I have cut a swim short. The thing is I felt awful in the morning on the bike and then I dragged myself around the run so why couldn't I just dig deep and do the same with my swim?
I will tell you why. Because I am not very good at it!!! I received a verbal lashing and have a new mantra HTFU. I got back in that pool Thursday morning and killed my session. Skipped the turbo because I am tired and I don't need to keep improving the bike (although I would like to :) ). I NEED TO SWIM. So Friday morning 6x500 alternate with paddles - killed it and got out not able to walk in a straight line - great STUFF!
This mornings ride was no where near as fast as a couple of weeks ago...No way can you set PB's in training everytime you go out - even I accept THAT! It was fun and fast though, longer than usual and the company was great. The only way to improve in my book is always to aim high and train with people better than yourself so thank you and I really appreciate sharing the road with you guys (you know who you are). Getting off the bike for a drink stop and again difficulty standing up...I really was a walking Zombie.
The swim and brick run are in the bag. Awfully hot this afternoon but it is done...and now I am done. After churning out this volume and intensity of training for so long I have learnt to read my body and not be frightened into going and laying down on the coach to eat chocolate and channel surf when it enters such chronic stages of fatigue. You can push through and while it is not always pleasant this is where huge improvements are made both physically and mentally.
For me, every 6-8weeks the body will absolutely hit a wall. This is where it is nearly impossible to raise the heart rate because of fatigue. When this happens I do get given a day off!! But only when I ask :) And I have only had one so far under the new plan.
Yip (ultra marathon man) asked me yesterday what my objective is with all this training. It is simple. There are two reasons. The first is rather selfish. I just want to be the best I can be. I want to find out how far I can go, how hard I can push and until I hit a plateau and there seems to no more room for improvement I will keep on pushing.
The second reason is I simply love this sport. It is my life. It is my passion. I fell hook line and sinker in love with it and am now lucky enough to work in an environment that is my playground. A playground that gives me a warm happy feeling. I want to inspire and motivate and help others enjoy this lifestyle as much as I do. It doesn't matter on what level you play...what matters is that you ENJOY it. Because while I may feel like a zombie today...I am a happy one. I may be called crazE a lot of the time...but believe me when I say I would NOT be doing this if I didn't love putting myself through the trials and tribulations of training. Am I am reaching for the stars? Hell YES! They are far away...but dreams are there to be realised and I WILL reach mine one day soon.

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