Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plan C?

So it is true. I ran with Disco this morning in the rain. Chatting about IMMY I mentioned that I intend to also go to China. To do the IM as a back up plan if I screw up in Langkawi and if I don't screw up then just to do the 70.3.
So Disco informs me they moved the race up. To avoid the heat it is now on March 14th, the week before Singapore 70.3. Well I never should have raced Singapore this year - I was wiped out. So no way can I do China :(
So looks like plan C has to be a trip to Japan in June then...all donations appreciated ;)


Stupid_O said...

LANZAROTE!!! surf and drinks after! :-)

Emma said...

Europe too expensive and near my home country!!!! And...don't they have hills over there?? :)