Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tour de TOLL

I have been on George every day since Saturday (twice on Sunday). Easy stuff combined with easy "jogs". The hard stuff is in the pool. This morning rather than do turbo I joined the group for the DUKE highway ride they have been doing pretty regularly now of a Wednesday morning. I was informed it would be EASY. Sorted exactly what I need!
I was unreliably informed. OK, OK so if I need to go easy then I can, I mean no one is pointing a gun at me. BUT when someone says it is a race from toll to toll...well you can can I resist? Especially when told there are no prizes for coming last. There are also no prizes for coming first but that's besides the point...bragging rights I think is adequate enough!!
So after a little warm up, while my legs are still pretty sore and lactic I gave it some welly. Trouble is Gane and KK are excellent wheel suckers!! Damn...gotta hurt some more.
It was GREAT fun this morning...a long time since I have ridden with you all, it does get lonely sometimes and this was a welcome reprieve. Next week back to a 3hour Wednesday morning so no clue when I will be able to join again...but when the program allows I will be there ready to tear it up!

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