Thursday, July 30, 2009

Desaru Take II

Last year I was a Desaru virgin. IMMY in the February played out sooooo much better than my Desaru outing. A lot of things went wrong for me that day, things that in my short race experience I had yet to encounter and Wham it all happened on that one day.
Swim: Goes without saying - a washing machine spin which sends you for two cycles just in case the first loop doesn't shake you up enough.
Bike: Was super fast until cramp started...carried on with a good split but got off the bike with cramp shooting through the whole leg. Unable to bend down I spent 5minutes in transition. - Oh and I lost nutrition out my pocket on the bike!!!
Run: Not even 50metres in and cramp continues to cripple. Had a few words with the leg and thwacked it about and carried on.
To sum up it was a VERY painful race and as if it couldn't get worse it started to rain. With nutrition low, energy low, the cold got to me and I finished literally turning a shade of blue!!
SO...while I am not feeling particularly on top of the world I am keeping everything crossed that things will go a little smoother this Saturday.
Good luck to everyone and please don't forget to say HI.
Apologies in advance for the stern look I MAY be wearing throughout the race :)

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