Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am seething...I made Putrajaya my triple A race, was looking forward to it...but rumours have been circulating and it is now officially postponed. At the 11th hour this does not really effect me, we were also official bike support but this can just be rescheduled.
The people I feel for are those who have made their holiday around this race and are coming from overseas. It doesn't matter if it is 1 person or 1000 coming from really is rather bad form and very bad luck.
The reason being is H1N1...I know this is a viable excuse and IM Japan was a clear example of how the races have been effected. But it does make you think..the timing smack bang in the middle of the summer hol's really is not great.
So now it will be on Oct 4th. I want to race...I really do, but I am not sure if I can make it now due to other commitments.
On the plus side it spreads out my races so hopefully I can give each half iron I do a good effort. Desaru will now be a focus as will the Philippines which I really really really hope is not cancelled/postponed. I just booked my flights!!!!


plee said...

Aarrrgggh again! but thx for the info Emma.

Jense said...

Well, judging from their incredible website, which is not able to deliver more than the tiniest information on the race less than 3 weeks before, the reason for postponing the race will of course be AH1N1. Compare the organisational effort visible to the outside with that of 70.3 Philippines and you can be sure that 70.3 Putrajaya managers understand as little of the sport as to think you could conserve your form for 2 and something months.

I can't believe it!


Mel said...

I CAN believe it ... for all the reasons you have just outlined and many more. H1N1, of course!!! That will save face!!! Aiyo, Malaysia Boleh (not)....