Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday was a public holiday for those lucky people working in Selangor. I am one of those and so was looking forward to an extended ride to Salak followed by a run and well earned lunch. Well, that all went pear-shaped on Tuesday afternoon. On my way home from work I dropped by a furniture store as I need to buy a bed for my brother who arrives in exactly 8days! Saw the shop, pulled the car over and just could not summon the energy to get out. B*ll**k’s, I will do it another day (I have been saying this for the past 3months by the way). Got home and went straight to bed (I never do this). I was scheduled to meet Kona Carmen for a run at 6.30pm and was then cooking dinner for her and myself afterwards. Well the run did not materialise but the dinner went ahead with me trying to force a plate of pasta down, something that is never usually a problem.
As soon as Carmen was out the door I was in bed again. Awoke at 5am for the ride and knew that it was not going to happen. I spent the rest of the day asleep, text messaging and occasionally answering the phone when I had the energy.
All in all in 1½ days I have slept for about 32hours! That is more than a lot of people I know get in a week. I feel a bit better (I am now able to get to the vertical (standing) position now and am off to the doctors in a little while in the hope that I can get rid of whatever is bugging me in time for the Fraser’s Weekend. Because if I miss that excursion I really will be bloody SICK AS A DOG!

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