Sunday, September 28, 2008


I was never very good at math so I am not sure why I have such an affinity for numbers being the titles of my posts these past few days. But this one I assure you is rather interesting.
After a manic week of work I collected my brother and his girlfriend on Friday evening from KLIA. They are over here for their holiday and to spend time with his Little Sista. David will also be joining I hope on a couple of rides whilst here. We have a bike on loan from KK and some shoes to purchase tomorrow as he has never ridden clips before!!! David is hardcore mountain and BMX, just check out the picture (right) to see what 25yrears of abuse to your knees entails. I will try and post his mug shot later but as I am by far the better looking of the two perhaps not!
RIGHT, back to 9398. I am a self-confessed chocoholic. I try to curtail my cravings as best I can but it is not easy. Once I start I can’t stop. David has been saving some Cabury’s crème and Cadbury's caramel eggs for me that he brought waaaay back in MARCH! This is something I could never ever have done. But I have it under authority from his girlfriend Niki that more than once she had to stop him from eating them. (Thank YOU).
So, they arrived safe and sound Friday night, unpacked their suitcases and presented me with the bounty you see here, (minus one Crème egg already and some two penny blackjacks and fruit salad sweets). I have since whilst writing this post eaten a sherbet fountain AND a caramel egg. I am in heaven and trying my best not to go eat another for at least 5minutes. We added up the calorific value of the bounty and it totalled 9398. A lot I suppose. But when you consider I rode 200k’s and ran nearly 30k this morning I could eat the whole lot for free if I did another 200ride and 30 run.
Doesn’t sound so bad when put like that now do it? Anyway, not sure how long the goodies will last; they are in the freezer (my attempts at making me think twice before popping it in my mouth). Trouble is I will eat it frozen – I KID YOU NOT!
Another FAT picture of Emma coming up? Perhaps. Watch this space.

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