Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Dietary Don’t

I shall keep this short and not because it is sweet. Cut short the ride yesterday, have had a cough and been feeling under the weather, so I did a 147 to Banting with the main group. After which we drove en-mass with rumbling tums to a Banana leaf place in Jalan Universiti. As I got out the car I knew I was in for a devilishly good feed. Since lunch was kind of late, when evening came round I still felt full and did not want my pre-requisite of pasta before the long run this morning. What to eat? I can eat scrambled eggs any time of the day or night so this is what I downed:
4 eggs scrambled, egg whites x 3, 1 x whole
Half punnet of baby mushrooms
Half punnet of tomatoes
Half can baked beans
One large bagel with sour cream (didn’t have cream cheese)

Breakfast for dinner? Yes that’s exactly what I had; lovely jubley. Not one to ever suffer with stomach pains when exercising it seems my carbo load played havoc with the planned 32k that last night I decided to turn into a 36. Three toilet stops on route I tell you. Won’t be doing THAT carbo load again! But did the 36 and felt super duper, albeit and funnily enough a lot lighter and a little tired.
Well done Sam and Carmen, the previous tough day on the bike with searing heat played havoc and gave them both some very heavy legs, and so they wisely cut short. Randy joined me for 32 I know he didn’t enjoy ALL of it ;) thanks for the company. And R H Bee danced along to her MP3 (always gotta have a gadget) and completed a solid 30k in preparation for Borneo.
A great morning that continued until 1pm which is what time the gang finished breakfast at Coffee Bean MK.

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