Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Batu Arang

Oooo it’s the BIG challenge tomorrow. Good luck everyone who is brave enough and silly enough to attempt it. I took my brother for a ride out to Batu Arang this morning so have a great excuse not to finish tomorrow. And so does Meng, as he came with us. Me thinks he thought it was 60k only, sorry 105k round trip!
So David has never ridden a road bike before. He did it today sans clips; we will save that entertainment for when there is a much larger audience around to appreciate his circus acts. All in all he did great though and I think, at least I hope, he enjoyed himself. The heat was a bit of a factor later as the sun got stronger and it probably didn’t help me saying how cool it felt today. I also gave him a heart rate monitor to wear. “What do I need this for” he said. “Just wear it and keep an eye on it and try not to go too high,” his little Sista said. Well he wore it and he kept an eye on it all the way to 180!! But not to worry mum and dad, back in one piece and he is now by the pool with Nik. He won’t be joining tomorrow but hopefully he will be up for a leisurely jaunt out to Ulu Langkat this Saturday. BTW: regarding the caramel egg situation I have to confess frozen caramel eggs taste absolutely fabulous!

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