Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Monster Weekend Looms

This time last year I was happily plugging away with the running and spin classes nursing a buggared shoulder. It’s the Aviva 70.3 this weekend and as of November last year I put this weekend’s race down on my TO DO list for what would be the start of my foray into endurance racing. Well we all know that went out the window at the beginning of the year but I still hope to get down to Singapore next year to give it a whirl.
I am now back into full-on training after two very pleasant weeks of light exercise. Kona bound Carmen is also breezing through her IM Hawaii training (she had an awesome ride and run last weekend) and as such long rides are the staple Saturday diet for the next 4 weeks. Choose to tag along or not, I have opted to keep Carmen and Sam company on these “little” excursions. My legs are still new to the cycling malarkey and as a very “wise OLD man” once said to me it’s all about putting the miles in your legs – that’s how you improve - we shall see.
The running is also gently being cranked up for Borneo – the goal there is to do a solid marathon feeling fresh so that can be a base for how I want to run at IM in Feb. Mad yes, but positive thinking and lots of it accompanied by Mr. Focus is helping.
The swimming, ahhh, my swimming, I posted my fastest 1.5k this morning. I have knocked almost 12minutes off my 1.5k time since Feb. It is getting harder and harder to cut the time but practice, practice and more practice I am finding, is the ONLY thing which will and does yield results.
Enjoy the weekend, have a safe ride, run, swim, race or whatever!

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