Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dead Runners Walking

This Sunday I will be saying goodbye to two old friends. I don’t know about you but I get rather attached to my running shoes. Each pair holds many memories; my first ever run, first 10k, first race, first IM. My Orange Nimbus 8’s are not the oldest shoe in my smelly cupboard but they are probably the most knackered and definitely without a doubt (cycling shoes aside) the smelliest. When your shoes start walking around of their own accord you know something is seriously wrong!
At the moment I only have decent racing shoes in my cupboard and since the 10k races are mainly done and dusted I needed to replace my long distance training shoe. The Kinsei, although I love them to death for its long life and durability is way too expensive to buy again so I have downsized and replaced the Nimbus 8 with the new Nimbus 9. They look rather spiffy if I do say so myself and hope they do the trick in Borneo. Whether they last the mileage until next February though is another matter entirely.

So despite being sick with “stomach flu” for the past couple of days the sight of a new shiny, fresh smelling pair of runners in my closet has at last brought a smile to my face, (thank you Julie for being my courier pigeon). As for my old Nimbus 8’s, they will be accompanying me up to Fraser’s for a last run (aka Dead runners Walking) before being sombrely laid to rest.
Yep, I have no LIFE. AND I think I have just proved I can write a post about ANYTHING!

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