Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Final Big Push!

I got the long anticipated email from Coach Vinnie detailing my taper last night. It was a bit like Christmas, you wait and wait and wait only to find it's not really what you wanted! Anyway, after I had regained consciousness from the shock I studied it for the rest of the evening and then had a pretty sleepless night. Awaking halfway through with a very rumbley tummy I popped to the kitchen for a snack of sunflower seeds (I am a bird after all) and then proceeded to go over the taper - again.

We all know I was wrong thinking last weekend was the final BIG weekend. I pretty much knew it wasn't but was secretly hoping and praying. So this week for me is exactly the same as last which is the same as the week before that etc etc. So this is it, it is now the Last Big Push as we get ready for battle in IM and there is no cunning plan - a la Baldrick that will make it any easier.

I have come this far, so I am not about to ignore the taper and do my own thing. It is the first time I have raised an eyebrow, and a question, but I assure you, it will be followed to a T.


Peter Hughes said...

Hi Emma, Peter responded to a post of mine on the tbb forum last week. Sorry, a little OT but I'm thinking a good idea for a post topic here would be a recce of the new bike course as per the update on the IM Mal, someone with good local knowledge of the island gives us a blow-by-blow of what to expect on the new first lap? Thoughts?

Emma said...

Hi Peter, Good idea, I am not the person to answer this though and personally will take it as it comes on the day. From what I gather there is nothing 'nasty' to expect but will see if Sam could perhaps give us a highlight.

Peter Hughes said...

Thanks for organising that :) Also, is it just me or is the teamTBB forum down?

Emma said...

Hey Peter,
So far as I know the forum isn't down, was on there an hour or so ago? Hope your tapers going smoothly :)