Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surfs Up!

There was nothing in the plan about needing a surfboard during training! This morning was my last brick session and Randy kindly agreed to do the time with me, although I rather think he may have wished he stayed put in bed.
Just to make sure we are ready for anything on Saturday the heavans opened this morning and boy oh boy did we get wet! 75minutes was on the clock and as we were going onto the Putrajaya Highway I noticed Randy kept checking his watch (I tried looking but the rain was too heavy for me to see much at all). He said he wasn't sure if we would be able to turn back in time. I didn't know what he was on about until we started going along the bit where the two highways split. I mentioned something about leaving my supergirl cape at home otherwise I would have just flown across the gap!
Luckily we reached 37 and a half minutes (oh yes, on the dot!) just as the roads came back together. Easy peasy (or so I thought) the divider looked short, but inbetween trying to hulk my bike over the concrete divider and laughing so much I nearly fell over. Very comical. I then had to heave myself over, very ladylike a la bum first, swing legs round and voila!
The ride back was equally wet and funny. And the run after was more of the same. This is where a boat would have come in handy. Torrents of water gushing down the hills, cars soaking us - it was GREAT fun.
I loved every minute of this morning, thank you Randy for accompanying me much better than a turbo. Feeling good, looking good, SMILING, one more swim to do and then GAME FACE :)

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