Wednesday, February 25, 2009

IM Ditty

Well my bags are almost packed, the final swim is done.
It rained again but then it was only just for fun.

I sent Coco the cat for boarding; she’s none too thrilled with me.
Better I send her there than leave her to roam willy nilly.

I have finished with baking, a feast of IM delights,
One hopes I have enough to sustain, mine and others appetites.

All the training is done, a rollercoaster it has been,
Would I do it again? In a word YES I’m still keen.

Thanks to my training buddies, who put up with Emma’s strops,
Without you the journey, could have become one big flop.

BIG thanks to Coach Vinnie and a Method that tested my true strength,
Your guidance has been invaluable, on learning how to go that extra length.

Without TBB, dear old George may have come unstuck,
But Daniel always came through, what a sheer stroke of luck.

The butterflies have subsided; at least I think they have for now,
Am sure they will come back before they take their final bow.

With just over 2days to go I feel fit, strong, healthy and happy,
Let’s hope it transcends into a safe super Saturday.

The iPod is charged, focus music is on cue,
There’s no stopping me now, how about you?

To EVERYONE taking part. Whatever your reasons for treading the water on Saturday morning remember the hard work has been done. Enjoy the day. GOOD LUCK and have a SAFE, STRONG race. I look forward to seeing you at the finish line :-)
Emma x


Anonymous said...

Good luck !

Enjoy as u pia in the race !

Cheers !


Lynn Guan said...

Lots of luck to you!! :) I'm sure you will perform very well!

David said...

Good Luck and all the best to my lil sis and all of team tri-hard who are taking part, I shall be keeping an eye on you all care of ironman live.
Emma's Bruv x x x

Lawrence said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you all taking part in IronMan Malaysia! Its about to start and I can only try and imagine what each of you might be feeling, I hope you will all have fun above all else!

Senay (Denis's wife)

plee said...

Congratulations and well done Emma. Was watching the ironman live results feed. 2plus hrs off your previous IM time is fantastic. Brilliant perfomance! Huzzah

Ngae said...

Hi dear: You should be going much further...well done again.