Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Word Too Strong

Yesterday I said I am hating training, blah, blah, blah. I can't say I am enjoying it if compared to an afternoon of doing sod all but stuffing ones face with Godiva but HATE was the wrong word to use.
When I head out the door I honestly never know what I am going to be able to do. It's been this way for a good few weeks now. How I will feel, how far I can go before I want to cry, give up or faint, I never know. But the one thing I DO know is that I NEVER give up so it really doesn't matter how I feel.
I keep surprising myself, very near the end of training I can smell that taper and by George (yes that is on purpose) it smells Damn good!
BUT, and with Emma there is always a but or BUTT - Oh purlesese somebody, help me!
OK. The BUT. Patience is still low, anger is still high, nerves are not great - check my finger tips, all of these things combined mean I could still go off: BEWARE! The bunny boiler has spoken!
P.S: To the person in the car this morning around 8:45am who yelled out "Go Emma!" as I was putting the finishing touches to a strong brick run this morning. No clue who you were but your yell brought a smile to my face, warmed my soul and enabled me to go just that little bit faster! THANK YOU.

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