Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mindblowing Street ART

Mind the crevasse: The amazing 3D pavement art that has pedestrians on edge
Tom Kelly (courtesy of dailymail.co.uk)
After a sudden shift in the Earth's crust, the ground has cracked open. What was Terra firma is now a gaping crevasse. And into it - his arms raised in terror - plunges a hapless pedestrian on a shard of rock.

Emma says: For 3 decades street art has been capturing the imagination. How many times have you walked past chalk drawings on a city sidewalk without giving the art or it's artist a second glance. Well I bet if you happened to stumble on one of these masterpieces you would be stopped in your tracks, maybe even fall over! This mind blowing realistic 3D art jolts the mind and adds a fresh dimension to traditional oil on canvas and photoshop artists of today. They are free to look at, to admire and to even walk over! For the full story click on the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1153004/Mind-crevasse-The-amazing-3D-pavement-art-pedestrians-edge.html


plee said...

I just want to wish you and everyone at TTH all the very best in IM Langkawi. Take care, stay cool and it will all come together! Good luck and may the wind be behind your backs (specially for the bike session)...

Emma said...

Thanks Plee, Much appreciated!