Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Schools OUT

As a kid I loved Snow Days. It meant more often than not, no school which meant tobogganing and snowball fights. Back then schools were closed rightly so because the buildings were so old, decrepit and run down that the slightest bit of harsh weather in the form of snow and ice resulted in no heating. So us kiddies couldn't go to school because it was too cold. Boo Hoo. Although we were not hardy enough to continue our education in icy cold classrooms we were however hardy enough (even me, back then) to go outside and freeze our butts off playing, only going home for hot chocolate and McVities chocolate biscuits (ok, I made that up). Hot ribena and custard creams I think my mum had on hand.
So, leap forward 20 + years (ooo, has it been that long?) and they close the schools now not because they are old and decrepit but because, wait for it. It could be dangerous. Someone might slip over, graze their knee and lump the school board with a solicitors letter for a dangerous playground!
Dear oh dear, gotta love it. Gotta love this cartoon too!

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