Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Close Shave

Phew, a potential absolute disaster has been avoided this evening. Planned to go to TBB yesterday to practise changing Georges' tyres (I felt I needed the practise), didn't quite make it. Daniel also advised me the chain needs changing, apparently my high resistance training does not give chains a very long life! Wednesday is supposed to be a day off work but I end up faffing about sorting my life and errands out even though I don't have to go to the office. ANYWAY, I popped over there tonight to have my tyre changing session and then do my tapered run with Dave who I met over there.
I chose a very good day to go, Daniel & Jerry are both rushed off their feet packing everyone's bikes but I was in good hands. Eric, and Wong Atium (sorry if I spelt it wrong) and Sharom (again, sorry if I spelt it wrong :) were on hand to help this LA-DEE in distress.
Don't get me wrong I can change a tyre. It's just I haven't done it much which is why I was wisely brushing up the skills. Boy oh Boy am I glad I did it. I have not changed the Zipps before and on trying to remove the tube it foundit ra ther stuck. It seems the adapter was jammed and only with the effort of a hammer would remove it! I have done Desaru, Lumut AND Phuket with the Zipps and did not know this. Had I got a flat there it would have been game over (stupid, STUPID GIRL).
Anyway, I am now pleased to report the adapters have been ground down to SMOOTHLY fit through and I changed both tyres with Wong AND Sharom looking over. Sharom even felt it fit to explain over a phone call that he was helping this useless triathlete by the name of Emma to change a tyre. UNTIL I shouted out I knew exactly what he was saying (my Bahasa is not that bad!!).
Did my run and feeling a lot bit more human today. Haven't broken down and blubbered since Tuesday so the emotions are hopefully under control. Feeling quite positive actually, but my legs still hurt and I am on the turbo in the morning:(
Not long now, and if you have anything at all to learn from any of my posts the message I am finally getting around to here is CHECK YOUR BIKE!!!! Don't blame the mechanics, they do a fantastic job BUT they are VERY busy. It is YOUR responabilitysibly so YOU BLOODY CHECK IT!

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