Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ironguides Journal WK17

119days down, 26 to go. Oh yes I am counting the days now. The end is in sight but not before more twists and turns. No changes, but twists and turns as in one day your feeling Top of the World, the next BANG. You are the unfortunate Wile E Coyote who keeps getting foiled by the Road Runner ending up burnt, frazzled and generally buggared.
But like Wile E Coyote who has been knocked down more times than you can count, he may be a bit dizzy but always gets back up to have another crack at catching his nemesis. So this week, while it all started out hunky dory on Monday with the swim as per usual, the elation was short lived, VERY short-lived.
I spent this week trying to rest as much as humanly possible. It was very boring but absolutely necessary as once any training was completed I was good for erm...nothing but sitting on my couch watching/sleeping with the tennis on whilst keeping in touch with the world via the laptop. Coco my cat, I don’t think she knew what had happened. Never have I stayed at home for so long and she soon grew tired of annoying me and me of her, and so we spent many afternoons glaring at each other from one end of the sofa. I kid you not, I swear she thinks she is human, and she definitely thinks she is more important than me but than me but that’s cats all over isn’t it?
Waffle, waffle, waffle...interesting week eh?
Tuesday morning swim was the usual tanker effort followed by my treadmill run that I seem to be able to blast. Changing treadmills and wringing my socks and shoes out halfway through the cleaner ended up following me around with the mop! Undeterred I carried on, – great session, physically and mentally. Spending 92minutes on a treadmill is great focus training and ensures you keep a good solid form – I highly recommend it.
OK, Wednesday I did a change of morning session and avoided the group ride doing my own thing with my usual brick. It made a change and was pretty solid, but those Wednesday mornings totally screw me up, and that is where Wile E Coyote Emma started getting blown up. The coached swim in the evening was substituted for a solo swim at the new pool around the corner from me. I wanted an early night and as much rest as possible but after the morning session it was a struggle to move. Knowing I had to go swim I prised myself out the chair and drove over for a long swim session in the rain in the late afternoon.
Thursday morning was the first morning since October where I really thought I could not do anything. I stood taking a long hard look at myself in the mirror whilst asking myself aloud “what are you doing” and “how am I going to swim this morning?” Yeah well, same ol’ same ol’, I did the swim. Worst ever since swim since training begun, bad enough for me to pen a mail to Ironguides Coach Vinnie for some much needed support.
It seems while I don’t like to be a pest bothering him every 5minutes, he wants to know how I am doing a little more often especially over the next 2weeks. That’s good to know. And while everything I am asking I basically know the answers to, EVERYONE needs positive confirmation that what they are doing, feeling and experiencing is normal. That is the huge plus especially at this stage of the game by having Coach Vinnie in the internet wings. If he perhaps wasn’t there at my disposal, I don’t think I would have given up or missed days, but there would be some self doubt, and that is the last thing I want to start clouding my vision.
The big weekend rolled round with the final ride to PD. I hope and pray each week that I can just get there and back and put in the run. Lucky with the weather it was cloudy and not too scorching and surprised myself with my quickest PD yet for an honest ride, meaning no drafting. Still can’t believe it and do not want to get ahead of myself so will log it as a fluke.
Back down to reality with a bump on Sunday morning, that run is tough mentally and physically. But once it’s done the sense of accomplishment of another full 26 hour training week in the bag is very satisfying.
It all starts again tomorrow, just 14days of REAL hard work left. OR I could look at it as: 8swims, 8bikes and 10runs OR 52hours. Whichever way you break it down it is not a lot and after tomorrow morning it will just be 7/8/10!

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