Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Through...Slowly

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. It's Emma. Faster than a speeding snail? Maybe, but probably not. I enjoy my Monday morning swim. With the last swim logged on Thursday I can't say I am raring to go, but I do look forward to it and yesterday was really solid. My quickest sets of 200's with pull gear EVER! and I was bang on consistent with Easy/Mod/Hard - more Brownie points.
It all starts falling apart not long after that, call me a lead balloon, rag doll, tanker, Robin Reliant, today I am going with snail-like.
I joined Denis at the Club @ 1-U for a change, fantastic 50m pool facility by the way. Worried about the water temperature I was pleasantly surprised not to turn into an ice cube. Starting off with my easy's they turned out to be hard, the moderates were more like hard easy and the hard's were even worse. An EXACT repeat of this time last week.
The arms no longer ache and feel hollow. I actually wonder if I am using my arms as I now have the sensation of being absolutely knackered, heavy breathing on turns but feel nothing in the arms.
I push when supposed to push and the time just gets worse. Oh well one length at a time and just plough, struggle, crawl, through.
The only comfort I have? I do know my swim isn't this bad. I am holding onto that thought or distant memory that it has now become because if I let go or lose it I think I will go to a corner sit down and CRY!


Denis Oakley said...

What Emma fails to mention is that her easy with no paddles or pull buoy was as fast as my moderate with paddles and pull buoy. :)

Cheong said...

Oh I see..Dennis ;-)

Emma said...

You are waaaay too kind Denis, you should have stayed for the finale. Hope to see you Thursday morning.