Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Round Up

As the BIG weekends are now in full force I feel a roundup is necessary for me to sit back and assess with words what if anything has been achieved.
I will fib you not, Saturday and Sunday are two days that I was not looking forward to. It has been a very tiring week. Throbbing legs, wanting to fall asleep in the pool on Wednesday night (thank God for the wettie keeping me afloat), etc etc.
I awoke Saturday morning with thoughts of the previous morning’s turbo still in my legs. It wasn’t pleasant. Oh well see how. My legs felt surprisingly pain free but that could all rapidly change. To sum up it was a tired but blinding ride made very enjoyable by the larger than normal group, I think 12 in total. A very EASY out in part due to mechanical (puncture) problems on S.Sam’s side enabled the group to poodle along at a leisurely pace. With only one goal in mind I set my focus on Perez and told myself even though you feel tired and have had no rest if you can do a strong Perez it will confirm that I am getting stronger and quicker even though there are many days when sluggish and snail-like are perfect adjectives of which to describe my disposition!
So without actually really hammering the hill, I did attack Perez but knew reserves were there. We were after all going to Titi and I knew the return leg was worse so did not want to burn my bridges. Pretty happy with the outcome; on November 22nd I did 26:06. Yesterday I posted 25:29. I was stoked with that little victory. It boosted the confidence no end and reassured my inner demons that I am on the right track.
The brick run has become something I actually enjoy these days. The sun came out, the tarmac heated up and I lapped it up - I was even smiling to myself at one point, a real smile I tell you - not a grimace! Will probably fall apart in the Sunday run but we will handle that hurdle tomorrow, I told myself.
This morning’s run; did my little warm-up with Bee and Randy and then for some reason I picked up the pace and went (for me) pretty quickly. Actually it is the quickest I have ever run out; legs and hips hurting (pretty normal stuff of late), but breathing in check. The downside is I shaved 7minutes off my out time from previous weeks and so knew I still had 1hr27mins to run on the way back. Slowed it down ran, bitched and laughed with Randy – very pleasant. IN the bag DONE! NICE ONE :-)
Tomorrow is another day where this mad case of dejavu will start again!

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