Sunday, January 18, 2009

Race Report Pacesetters GE 30k run

(Pictures by Jason Lee & Tey)
Last year was the first time I have done this race. In training for IM back then as I am now the outcome was unreal. I felt great and had a super run. This year I told myself be happy if you equal the time. WHY? I was told to go slow, volume only. If you have been following my waffle you will be aware that certain parts of the body are starting to get quite knackered, and so a 'volume only weekend' warning was issued on Wednesday night. The morning started with a jolt! Here’s what happened:
I had agreed to be driver and carpool with KK, Chris and Randy. Pick Randy up at 4.55am and KK and Chris at 5am. Sounded simple enough. After the Saturday 200k ride and brick run it was 5.30pm before I sat down and ate. Bed beckoned pretty soon after and so I set my alarm and went to dreamland. The next thing I knew I was woken by my phone ringing. I put it on speaker (reception in my dungeon home is crap) and saw that it was 4.57am and Randy on the line. My first thought was OH no, what's up with Randy, maybe he is sick and can't do the race!!! This dialogue followed:
Me (sleepily): “Hello”
Randy (full of beans): “Hello, where are you then?”
Me: I’m in bed.
Randy (disbelievingly): What?
Me: “I’m in bed,”
Me: Pause....
Me: Penny starting to drop...
Me: “SHIT what’s the time? SHIT, SHIT SHIT SHIT. Sorry, sorry sorry I am on the way NOW”
Whilst shouting this out to my phone I had jumped from the bed to the toilet (yes my loo is next to my bed, haha) still yelling out sorry to Randy and that I am on my way (He long since hung up, I hope). Multitasking, I had a tinkle whilst removing my skins and putting my shorts on. Brushed my teeth, flattened my hair, threw my bra top on, rolled deodorant under arms and pulled on my teamTBB race top. Banana from kitchen, shoes on and out the door.
On the way to my car my phone started going, what the? I pulled it out to realise my alarm was going off! Now here are two amazing facts:
1. I knowingly set my alarm the night before for 5.05am, thinking to myself plenty of time. Where my brain was at I do not know, I believe we became disengaged sometime on Saturday afternoon.
2. It took less than 8minutes for me to get ready and out the door – how about that then – FOR A GIRL!!!
OK, so drama over, they all had a laugh at my expense and undressed state when I picked them up. On the way to the start I started cursing again. I forgot to take my medication, which is a concoction of Gingsana and my Asthma prevention – opps. Oh well, relax I told myself, enjoy, and remember VOLUME only.
I knew this was going to be difficult to adhere to and boy was I not wrong. Going slow or just slower than normal is easy. But the mind can play nasty tricks on you. I started questioning my ability, especially when training buddies zoomed by asking what’s wrong. With some rather painful legs I started out running with my two new bodyguards aka, Neil and Arron. Then Randy caught us up and I gladly dropped to his pace. I mean come on. One GIANT Neil stride = 3 Emma steps! So it was to be Borneo marathon relived as I said to Randy that’s it you’re stuck with me now!
He kept telling me to go off if I wanted; Randy was not having a great day either. I really didn’t want to, even after 15 or 16k when I started feeling good, I didn’t feel that good. And so out came the promise.
Me: “Randy, we will finish together. If I don’t I will give you RM50!”
Well we all know I don’t have RM50 to throw away, it made Randy smile for a little bit as he dropped his pace again thinking I wouldn’t slow - I thought we were on the verge of having a walking competition!
I am pleased to report I won the bet, although I didn’t win anything apart from the fact I did what I set out to do. Complete the race knowing there was still 12k in the legs, a painful 12 probably but it was there and I was in good spirits!
Well done to everyone, some notables who are readying themselves for IM: KK – awesome race, he snuck up on us at the end and the three of us finished together. Simon, ‘amazing pulled it out the bag again’ Cross, had a super duper race. Randy (tough day), S.Sam (scorching run), Carmen (flying), Chris (happy and pain free), Disco Dave (after 200k ride, brick run AND a football match the day before I mean come on!) And a special mention to Gadget girl Bee. She wanted a PB and by Jove did she get it. Fantastic race Bee, well done.

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