Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Morning

Friday mornings are usually quite lonely for me. A bike session is scheduled which alternates between turbo at home watching the likes of French & Saunders and Blackadder and the road. Well I have not been able to get onto he road as I won't go solo - really not safe, and the other guys quite sensibly say, with quizzical looks on their faces: 'but we have a long ride tomorrow!'
Well Randy is off to Phuket tonight with his beloved Ivie for CNY, so I cornered him early in the week to join me for the interval 'road' session. Not really looking forward to getting up so early but I knew the time on tarmac would pass sooooo much quicker than time infront of telly.
In bed, it was gone 10pm and I get a text from another rider - Terry. Where ya riding? I told him the plan and said that it would involve hoicking our bikes over the barrier of the KL-Putrajaya highway when time beckoned (something I am getting quite used to these days). See ya there, he said!
And so from one sad, turboing Emma to 3 on the road. This mornings ride although I have been running on empty most of the week was super cool. It makes so much difference when you can train with your buddies - so when you have the chance and if the schedule allows - DO IT. It's very tough knocking out the training on your own and brings home what we are all doing this for when in a group. IT IS FUN. The pain, yes well I think we have heard enough about that - it won't go away if you want to get better so just ignore the bloody damn thing!
Cheers Guys, loved this morning. I have just awoke from a very deep slumber and now I think I can start the day!

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