Monday, January 12, 2009

Ironguides Journal WK14

I haven’t been hounding Coach Vinnie with questions of late. I follow the plan and have learnt that some days are going to be good and some days are going to be bad. When you have a bad one, don’t worry; carry on and keep the faith for tomorrow is a new day. When these bad days come round I am also trying to smile and not go into deep dark moods as it is really not fair on my ‘very understanding but probably fed up with my mood swing’ friends. I am not sure how other online coached athletes communicate with coaches, I guess everyone is different. I know he is there if questions arise and basically that’s all I have needed so far. I definitely don’t need someone to prise my butt out of bed every morning and drag me to the pool, although sometimes I do sit on the edge of bed for a few seconds pondering, luckily momentum and the dream takes me forward and into the bathroom to start a new day.
With few heavy weeks left to complete before the taper kicks in I have been looking through some motivational IM clips to post for everyone to hopefully draw inspiration from. There is one clip in particular that simply mirrors my own reasons for doing this. Criticised for perhaps being a little too vocal at times about chasing a dream, it made me think about how I have approached training, the race I am targeting where it all started and lived the past 12months with everyone knowing my goal - it is no secret. I am afraid that is the only similarity I have with the superstar in question, but it just goes to show that what drives the pro’s is and can be exactly the same as what is driving YOU, they will just get there quicker, and with a lot more finesse and style! But their reasons prove they are human after all (well most of them). Chris McCormick epitomises a guy who wanted something so bad and never ever gave up trying to achieve his dream.
I have been handed a golden opportunity few age groupers ever get. And that is to train consistently without interruption and with a proven Coaching Method. I am ever grateful for the guidance of Coach Vinnie and Ironguides as well as the support from TBB KL and teamTBB and as the day’s countdown I am certainly not thinking about NOT achieving my dream in IMM, but if it all goes pear shaped will I give up? In a simple word the answer is NO. I will just keep on trying, if only to find out how far I can go to get the best out of this body that admittedly has started chasing its triathlon dream rather late! If that means never qualifying, then so be it. But I will never give up. I will chase that dream. Because when you dare to dream (whatever they may be) you then will truly know what it is like to be ALIVE.

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