Friday, January 9, 2009

Something New

I finally went for my Friday afternoon massage today. I have been looking around for something good but not expensive and a place right near my office was recommended by Marianna. She hadn't used it herself but said she knew of one or two triathletes that do.
The place is run by partially blind men and women. I have heard that the partially sighted are very good at inflicting pain, I mean giving massage. Costing RM35 for one hour what did I have to loose? Definitely not my dignity, so just RM35 I guess!
Anyway, I found out that I am rather tense and tight in the shoulders (tell me something I don't know), I also found out that my body after months of training is in quite a bit of a knotty mess. I am hoping that these can all be PAINFULLY ironed out in the next 5weeks and have booked a session for Sunday afternoon after my long run.
Will it help for tomorrow's ride? Probably a little late for that, the report will follow:)
If anyone is interested in trying the place, it is in USJ10, Taipan. It is nothing fancy so don't expect frills and piped in music and scented candles. Aircon - check. Music - Easy listening radio station. Privacy - individual rooms. That's about it, what more do you need. And while they may be partially sighted believe you me - they will find your problem areas, then again anywhere on me is a problem at the moment!

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