Monday, January 5, 2009

Ironguides Journal WK13

Training can get monotonous but if you get creative with it and break it down it’s really not all that bad. I believe even the nastiest session Coach Vinnie could conjure up is possible; it’s just about how you choose to approach it. Luckily for me I have been introduced to The Method way of thinking and training that structures sessions in a way that helps keeps my mind stimulated and challenges the body, leaving me with little else to worry about. When you get into the groove you find doing the time a pleasure. It’s comforting knowing that you have done exactly what is required of you, nothing less, and nothing more – even if I am feeling well I am NEVER tempted to do more.
Upping the run mileage for IM training is the one discipline that for me fatigues more than anything else. Knocking out high K’s week in week out, one is reminded of what part of the body is really going to hurt come race day. Compared to last year’s training when I was running 60-80k’s a week (periodic training back then); the run intensity was always the same. Different location, different conditions and terrain but the output, yup you guessed it, the same. This is great when you run with a group of people as the boredom factor has no chance to seep into your mind, but what about if you are training alone? There are a couple of runs in the revised plan that at first blew my mind. But after my initial induction phase, the new runs and extended turbo sessions are training me to break a long solo session into modules and focus hard for each individual effort. So what if I have 40 intervals to complete on the bike or 12 on the treadmill or 17 in the pool? I have found the key is to basically not even think about the volume but just focus on one interval at a time, be it 30seconds, 1minute or 5minutes. Pain and discomfort is always going to be a factor in these sessions but the modules are short enough to work hard with enough rest to recover and then work hard again. Say you have to run hard for 5minutes. It’s only 5minutes. Some days I look at it as five sets of 1minute, other days it’s 300 seconds (that one always sounds good), but most days when I feel good it’s just 5minutes of hard work before a little rest. Then you start the game all over again until it’s done and in the bag.
This is a theory I am hoping to apply to race day; never to think about the end and when or what time you will get there in. Of course we have a golden ‘dream’ time but the day itself may well deliver many curveballs that will toss that dreamtime out the window. Instead, I aim to swim as well as I can, ride as strong as able and then God willing nail that run. And when it comes to THAT run I will not be thinking about 42. It’s just 4 laps, that’s it, nothing less and nothing more. Some of it, perhaps all of it will hurt. I won’t be looking at the watch either or thinking about time because at the end of the day it won’t help, it won’t make me go any quicker.
Langkawi is without a doubt now occupying my thoughts. For the past 10months I have been training to gain much needed triathlon experience and to improve on all three disciplines. The months have flown by and now time is running out all too quickly. With Feb 28th just a few short weeks away, butterflies and anxiety are becoming all too familiar when I let my mind wander. But that’s a good thing right?

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