Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Round Up

My first PD (Port Dickson) since September and my longest ride since starting Ironguides training I don’t believe I had ever done a brick after a 200k ride before and certainly not an interval brick. I was trying not to think about the run that was waiting when we started out in a nasty downpour from Mega Mall on Saturday morning. Two groups set out, the earlier group leaving at 6am and the 2nd group at 6.30am.
Whilst getting a chemical peel from the pelting rain ripping the skin from my face going down the KL-Putrajaya highway we all arived at the toll sodden. There was no option of turning back (not in the vocabulary) but we all secretly hoped conditions would improve. Well they didn’t, and the sun never showed his face although we all still finished with a tan line?? On the way back after having a great out ride the heavens’ opened again. For me this was really the last straw.
You have heard it before, but I will say it again I really don’t handle cold conditions well even though I am British! The last 1 ½ hours were agony, calves and quads tingling I could hardly turn the pedals and was scared to move my hands from the bars for fear of falling off. I started having a good old chat to myself and focused thoughts on hot chocolate, hot buttered crumpets and a roaring log fire. Just get back, not far to go, just get back, run, shower, wash bike and then you can eat and sleep.
When I got off the bike I was unsure of how the legs would take to running, so imagine my surprise when there were no repercussions, no sign of cramp. Loved the run, blasted it, well, as much as you can after 200K. Sitting on the bike in the wet I get very cold, but running, that warmed me up big time – better than a hot shower.
The Sunday run all 2hours and 40minutes was slow and painful. I had the company of Randy and rocket fuelled Bee to make it a little more bearable but there was a subdued air, it seems the ride had taken it out of everyone and it was as much as we could do to put one foot in front of the other. I still managed to crank it up a bit at the end and even if just for a few minutes it was good for the soul.
Hopefully next weekend will deliver some dryer conditions, baking hot would be nice. Not everyone’s favourite but personally I would choose a furnace over the cold any day!

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David said...

Ahhhh was it cold for you, well think of me I rode to work in -2c and SNOW!