Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saving Grace

Coffee and me are becoming one. I am falling off the wall as I type and still have to go do a torturous run session in T-minus 120minutes after a tanker-like swim session this morning. I feel back at square one and it is only the beginning of the week. Reliably informed that this is all perfectly NORMAL it is still VERY VERY hard to handle. And so instead of scowling I am going to smile and laugh.

I love this clip, if you haven't seen it before use the worst of your imagination to figure out where the milk comes from. And if you have seen it before...ain't it GOOD!

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Anonymous said...

Yep! The clip is classic alright! Still brings me to tears when the hhhccggghhh! whipped cream was processed.

It is really tough what you do almost impossible to ordinary Joes ... but you'll get through. though it seems like running on empty.

Your posts are an inspiration to so many including me. Getting into my first tri this year is no longer a distant dream but a certainty...