Friday, January 9, 2009

Need Motivation?

We have seen the images a thousand times but I never tire from from them especially when I have lactic legs AND A LOOOOONG hilly ride and brick run to do tomorrow (I may well be requiring the assistance of a tow).
This gives me gooses bumps, gets the stomach doing some butterfly flips and gives me some heart pumping motivation to let me know that I AM ALIVE!

Countdown T-minus 49.


Anonymous said...

Now let me tell you what I think because it gives me goosebumps too but for a different reason.

I know how much pain I'm suffering in training - alot! I'm sitting at my desk and my legs are throbbing with pain. But there has to be a payoff on raceday right?

But these people all look in pain, even the ones smiling - where's the fun in that?


What's wrong with us?

Got to go and get my afternoon painful bike session in otherwise my legs might not be hurting enough for tomorrow's painful long ride and run.

Emma said...

Was this a comment to enlighten us to your 'painful' disposition Mr. Anonoymous OR was it a comment to see just how many times you could utilise the word painful before it became really tiring.
It is PAINFULLY obvious you need to pick up a thesaurus :)

Anonymous said...


Emma said...

and a dictionary!