Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in the Groove

Opps, a couple of days late, but I'm a busy girl these days. So, my first week back into 'full' training ended with a Ulu Yam ride and over-nighting in Fraser's with a quad and lung busting Sunday run in which I ran in a THICK jumper - no kidding. It did the trick and stopped too much wheezing from the cool air on my delicate chest.
I thought more of us were riding up to Frasers. In fact sorry that's wrong. I thought more were coming along for the Ulu Yam stint. How wrong was I!
It seemed I was the only one riding back. And so there it was after nearly 18months of riding I was about to embark on my first solo ride. A pretty scenic one but the roads once back into town by Batu Caves can prove rather dodgy.
The last time I did Ulu Yam was October last year where I wrote the book on 'How to fall off a bike going up a hill to Genting,' I believe a few people have since read it!!
Anyway yes it is hilly but it is pretty. And my surprise on Saturday was those hills no longer scare me. I am currently trying to build my base back after falling a little under the weather and having a long overdue rest. So while I am now training every day (I have two days where I swim/bike/run) the program is pretty different, tougher I would say for the future but at present with the hours knocking around 15 per week for OD distance - its a breeze!
So a drink at the coffee shop and I left the others to continue up to Frasers - (I had a swim and run to do).I hopped on George and 'nailed' it home with a negative split. I loved it. Loved it so much I am going to do the ride again this Saturday. Its the perfect ride time for my current Sat training (read: 3hours-ish). Apparently there are a few takers this Saturday so Emma won't be returning solo, but then again I could be left standing at the alter once again - we shall see!

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