Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Camp

Well I'm Here!
Today has been a really long day. Up at 3:45am it was raining cats and dogs. Left home after 4.30 and drove to LCCT as fast as I dared (plenty of aqua planing this morning!).
First impressions on touch down? It's hot. Damn HOT. No wonder teamTBB are so GOOD.
So I am met from the airport and it is about an hours drive on the new highway that the locals don't take (politics), and that also has many new bits of road with rather abrupt dead ends into grassland. The scenery is awesome, swathed in greenery, paddy fields and volumes of mountains in the distance. It took a little under an hour to get to Subic.
Checked into quarantine (aka Grand Seasons Hotel), sounds fancy smancy but it is not the 4Seasons. BUT it does have free wi-fi, and I am hooked up a la Gadget Girl which is why I am able to update/bore you all with my whitterings!
Since I didn't get here until a little after 1pm absolutely no training today. But may I remind you I am not really here for training. Emma is on holiday. I said I wanted a holiday in April, just never thought it would be here!
So, TBB Subic is actually attached to the hotel - how convenient. Someone to set up George!! Thank you Azmil! Met up with Brett, had a massage, feeling pretty relaxed and chilled out basically.
Tomorrow is a different day though, and it will start with Emma riding to the pool with Brett on his beat up Cannodale MTB!! So glad I didn't rip the piss on his bike when I saw it in the store - a good start - NOT. So the team are swimming tomorrow and I guess Emma will be displaying her prowess in the pool to!!! Oh purrrlese. Stop laughing already.
Then I am 'allowed' to try and rescue some face by riding George and tearing up Subic streets with the girls. I would like to say now - this is my interpretation of what it will be, I expect though I will be allowed to follow for a little while only before having to return to quarantine.
Anyway - all good. Will try and take some snaps tomorrow. Although I hate being the tourist I am afraid I could not afford to bring Ivie along so will have to shoot this one myself!!
More tomorrow! E

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