Wednesday, April 15, 2009


WOW, I have been quiet this week haven’t I? Emma’s been pretty busy with her new job and trying to juggle everything else. Never have been able to juggle in the literal sense but work/training/life wise I seem to be handling it okay...for now :)
So, I started training again on Monday to a new plan. Still not absolutely finalised but I have enough info and torturous ideas to keep me going until orders come through proper. I am feeling pretty good actually. A fair bit different to what I was doing before, at present I am just focusing on getting my base and fitness back.
This morning was my first Wednesday morning ride and brick run since IM. And what do you know, the heavans OPENED! I bet Randy and RHBee are SO glad they came along – NOT. Anyway it’s in the bag and I have already done my swim today!
So, the next 4weeks will be all about gently easing back into it with OD distance training only. That means less hours!! YAHOOOOOO! Then it goes up to 70.3 hours, YIKES. AND THEN, the IM; Boy oh BOY am I glad I decided NOT to do another IM this year. I have seen into the future and know what the training will entail. I will tell you this now...once Phuket is done and dusted in December I will be entering 10weeks of sheer hell. BUT the upside is...a place in KONA!
More later, better get back to work now...E.

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